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China / Chen Xi - Film Show

Date: 31 October 2018
Venue: Akbank Sanat
Hour: 14:30

Date: 1 November 2018
Venue: Akbank Sanat
Hour: 14:30

Note: It is free. Please get an invitation from Akbank Art Boxes.

1) The Winter Solstice
A man goes back over a short period in his past shortly before he dies. He remembers the key moments of his life, gestures and reminiscences from the life with his fateful woman. The Winter Solstice is artistically a very atypical film with a remarkable tempo where slow passages alternate with rapid twists. The authors also use a very interesting frame-

2)A Clockwork Cock
naughty boy had to stay in a young female teacher's office, receiving her separate and silent education. Finally, he decided to grow up as an obedient good student.?-

3)Grain Coupon
During the period of the Cultural Revolution in China, a disabled old man wanted to exchange his handicraft, a snuff bottle with an inside painting, for a grain coupon from a soldier…

4) Mahjong
In a Chinese style garret, four men were playing Mahjong. A woman stood aside in silence, holding a bottle of liquor… Çin stili bir çardakta adamlar Çin dominosu oynamaktadırlar. Kadın ise elinde bir likör şişesi sessizce kenarda durmaktadır…

5) The Swallow
Three women, three generations, this is a Chinese family without love in 1940s.

6) The Poem (2015)
An ancient was looking for the plum blossom in the snow storm during the trip