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21st Istanbul International Festival will meet the audience on 24th October - 4th November .

The most colored, successful puppet shows  come together and meet the audience on 24th October – 4th November at Istanbul ınternational Puppet Festival.

The most famous 12 groups in the world will attend at the 21st Istanbul International Puppet Festival.

The Festival, which organized by Istanbul Karagoz Puppet Foundation will meet the audience in the General Art Manage, also cultural heritage bearer of UNESCO Mr. Cengiz Ozek on  24th October – 4th November.
The Participant groups at the Festival are: Pozoriste Mladih from Bosnia and Herzegovina, David Zuazola from Spain, La Bottega Teatrale from Italy, Chen Xi from China, Flying Group Theatre from Taiwan, Dom Roberto and S. A. Marionetas Theatres from Portugal, The Sky Bird Theatre from Hong Kong, Ebrahem Shakeri from Iran,  GulGech and Cengiz Ozek Shadow Theatre from Turkey.

The foreign cultural centers in our country will support the festival this year also.

The 21st Istanbul International Puppet Festival realizing by cooperation with Italian Cultural Center, French Cultural Center, Cervantes Cultural Center, Akbank Art, Pulcherie Venue, Chekul Foundation.
     Cengiz OZEK celebrating his 40th year in Art
Therewithal, constituent and art director of the festival Cengiz Ozek preparing to celebrate his 40th year of encounter with Karagoz art at the Istanbul International Puppet Festival. The owner of the important audience of the world puppet scenes Ozek, on account of his performances on puppets, was awarded dozens international awards.
Howbeit to possibility watching Mr. Ozek’s already classical performances: ‘’Garbage Monster’’ and ‘’Magic Tree’’, we will have opportunity to watch at our festival the performance which he directed in Bosnian and Herzegovinian theatre venue, bearing parallelism with our actual days, modern Karagoz adaptation ‘’Magic Lamp’’ by Bosnian and Herzegovinian actors. Also there are several  privileged videos which, you can see stage and backstage at the same time.
Finally the audience of festival waiting for a big surprise.Whilst the festival a conversation feasibility with Cengiz Ozek will realize at the festival on 28th of October.
Chairman of the Karagoz Istanbul Puppet Foundation, Cultural Heritage Bearer of UNESCO and Karagoz Artist Cengiz Ozek expressing that, the festival in the name of the profession which, on behalf of name of the Puppet once, he opened all borders, the horizons of profession which, can host all categories of performing arts, between disciplines with artistic content, encouraging the creativity, never accepting the impossibility concept to the Turkish art-lover and audience with extremely vicious perception.
Dramaturg Associate Professor, Mrs. Selen Korad Birkiye  stating  meaning of the Festival with these words: ‘’ By dint of Istanbul Puppet Festival we got facility to watch, from reverie of some alternative theatre, solo performance Hamlet to Dido and Aeneas which, was in efforts to enact by many reputable opera, from special composition for literature fans Knut Hamsun’s Hunger  to world of variety colored shows, from most selective examples of traditional world of puppet the Bunraku and Su puppets, to most advanced guards different kinds puppet shows ‘’

Ticket sales:
You can buy the tickets of the festival via : www.kuklafestivali.com
The performances which will perform at Akbank Art Venue, you can buy from www.biletix.com
Also, you can get  tickets one hour before starting performance, from entrance of halls.
Do not miss out, there is one hour, which available to arrange for puppet ever.