Czechia – Alfa Theatre “Mr. Caspar and his goofy family”

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Czechia – Alfa Theatre “Mr. Caspar and his goofy family”


We would like to invite you to the original traditional Czech puppet theatre, which does not aim to educate, but to entertain and make you laugh – with minimum text and with maximum action. The cast includes Mr. Kaspar, Mrs. Kalupinka, The Grim Reaper, The Baby, The Dog and lots of props and folk music instruments. The simple plot is divided into individually little stories and anecdotes. Mr. Kaspar and Mrs.Kalupinka have a baby and Mr. Kaspar has to be the nanny. That’s not easy when the hungry and gluttonous Grim Reaper is wandering around the house.

Details : Nonverbel, 6+ Ages, 50 Min


Saturday, October 28 – 14.00 FİŞEKHANE
Saturday, October 28 – 20.00 FİŞEKHANE


Adult: 250 TL
Child: 180 TL

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