Czechia “Fimfarum Jana Wericha”

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Czechia “Fimfarum Jana Wericha”


A farmer who starts drinking and meets the devil; spend the night in a haunted bar a young boy who had to go through a man who grows horns overnight; a man betting and arguing with his wife; and perhaps a blacksmith who is overconfident in his sexy young wife. This 2002 Czech stop-motion animation film is known as one of the most masterful films in its genre in recent times. The film adapted from Jan Werich’s fairy tale collection “Fimfarum” meets the audience twice at our festival.

Details: Czech (with Turkish subtitles), ages 13 and up, 100 Minutes


Friday, November 3 – 13.30 – AKBANK SANAT
Saturday, November 4 – 13.30 – AKBAN SANAT

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