Slovenia – Nebo Theatre “The Room”

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Slovenia – Nebo Theatre “The Room”


A subtle tale of a young woman, daydreaming about her life, ideals and relationships. The charm of bare hands and beauty of clay merge together into an almost spontanious story about friendship, love, expectations, loneliness, childhood, oblivion, tenderness and passion. Without using words, the play touches our feelings, using mental associations to reveal the beauty that lies in simple things around us. Puppet show for two hands, ten fingers and nine heads. There is no room for anything else in »The Room«.

Details : Non-Verbal, Ages 14+, 35 Minutes


Thursday, November 2 – 20.00 FİŞEKHANE
Friday, November 3– 20.00 AKBANK SANAT
Friday, November 3 – 20.00 ALAN KADIKÖY

Ticket Fees

Ticket: 250 TL

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