Turkey – Aytek Önal “Karagöz’s Nap”

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Turkey – Aytek Önal “Karagöz’s Nap”


Shadow play ‘Karagöz’s Nap’ begins! Hacıvat tries to wake Karagöz up but everytime he tries to wake him up, Karagöz looks for ways to go back to his warm bed. Even though Karagöz is finally convinced, he experiences so many things that hasn’t happened to him yet. Karagöz performer and actor Aytek Önal, invites everyone, young and old, in front of the curtain to watch “Karagöz’s Nap”. At the play, we will witness to Karagöz’s misunderstandings, Hacivat’s stubbornness, Beberuhi’s cunning calculations, Zenne’s dance and new characters are included in their accounts. The shadow play turns into a 50-minute fairy-tale comedy.

Details : Turkish, ages 3+, 30 Minutes


Sunday, November 5 – 14.00 BALAT OYUNCAK MÜZESİ
Sunday, November 5 – 16.00 BALAT OYUNCAK MÜZESİ

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It was canceled due to the Balat Museum burning down..

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