Turkey “Karagöz Of Republic Exhibiton by Cengiz Özek”

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Turkey “Karagöz Of Republic Exhibiton by Cengiz Özek”


As all we know, Istanbul has a cosmopolite population since it has occurred. From the West, from the East, from Balkans, from the Asia and from Anatolia; Istanbul has always welcomed them. Karagöz plays mostly talks about the life of the folks of  Istanbul and it has a place for everyone due to Istanbul’s cosmopolite population. When Karagöz makes jokes about the cosmopolite characters on the curtain, the audience, who don’t even have any idea about them, meet them, thus it creates a peace within the audience because Karagöz makes jokes about everyone equally and all the cosmopolite audience laughes them together and at the same time. When Karagöz was started to playing in different countries such as Greece, North Africa, Middle East, Balkans, it had adapted to that regions’ culture and it has started to express the feelings of that regions’ people. Now, it is not just Istanbul’s culture, Karagöz has become Turkey’s Traditional Shadow Theater after Turkey Republic has established. Now it is called Turkish Traditional Shadow Theatre. So it is natural that, now, Karagöz should tell us about today, today’s stories. Karagöz should tell the surreal stories, folk stories with a sense of today.

Now, here are some shadow figures that I reinterpreted figures, adapted them to our daily life and figures that I dreamed of Karagöz, that I think it will perfectly suit with the celebration spirit of 100th year of Turkey Republic.




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