Turkey – Tiyatro Gülgeç “The recent history of the Anger”

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Turkey – Tiyatro Gülgeç “The recent history of the Anger”


“The Recent History of Anger” explains that one of the causes of repressed anger; during mourning experience, it remains anger which is a natural part of the stages of human psyche, but with modernism, people can sometimes surpress the anger emotion due to need of harmonizing with the world. The play touches upon individual and social problems arising from oppression of anger. It gives us a message that instead of being destructive with this anger, as a solution, using the power of anger as a transformer in the fields of creativity, nature, indicates science and art.

Details : Turkish, ages 16 and over, 65 Minutes


Wednesday, November 1 – 20.00 – ALAN KADIKÖY

Ticket Fees

Ticket: 250 TL

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