Turkey – Tiyatro Gülgeç “Turunç’s Garden”

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Turkey – Tiyatro Gülgeç “Turunç’s Garden”


It is designed for children to gain self-confidence, to discover their talents and to be productive. While the play explains that each child is a unique talent, it deals with the themes of friendship, honesty and dreaming. He emphasizes distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginary. While it shows how to turn children’s boredom problem, which is very common today, into playing games and production, it encourages children to be curious about their own potential.

Details : Turkish, ages 3 and up, 40 Minutes


Tuesday, October 31 – 11.00 – ALAN KADIKÖY
Thursday, November 2 – 11.00 – AKBANK SANAT

Ticket Fees

Adult: 250 TL
Child: 180 TL

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