The International Istanbul Puppet Festival, which has been held since 1998, meets the audience for the 25th time this year. The festival, under the artistic directorship of Cengiz Özek, has taken important steps towards the mission of popularizing puppet art in Turkey, as well as transferring our traditional stage art, Karagöz, which UNESCO declared as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, to future generations. Perhaps the most important of these steps was the Istanbul Karagöz Puppet Foundation (IKKV), which was also founded by Cengiz Özek. In addition to many activities, IKKV also became the most important sponsor of the International Istanbul Puppet Festival, which we organized for the 25th time this year.

The International Istanbul Puppet Festival, which met with the audience for the 25th time on the 100th anniversary of our Republic and became the first and longest-running special festival in its field in the history of our Republic, has brought more than 250 shows from all over the world to our country so far and is one of the most traditional and modern aspects of puppet art. The festival brought some of the most distinguished examples of puppetry to art lovers. Of course, we will continue to bring them together.

The main venues of our festival this year were determined as Alan Kadıköy on the Anatolian side and Akbank Sanat, Feshane and Fişekhane on the European side. Additionally, venues such as Mall of Istanbul and DasDas are among the venues where our festival meets the audience. The event, which we will organize between 25 October and 5 November, will include exhibitions, workshops, interviews and film screenings, as well as performances. This year, the festival, which will appeal to both adults and children with 10 shows from Czechia, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, Uzbekistan and Slovenia, also includes 8 plays from Turkey.

We share the pride of the 25th year with you and we welcome you all to the halls.

Kind regards
Cengiz Özek
Festival Director