Workshops25th International Istanbul Puppet Festival

Workshop for hand puppets for children

In Anna Karayorgi’s puppet making workshop, we will develop ideas together to think about how we can make puppets even with simple materials in daily life

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Workshop for the children Cengiz Özek

Through using papers, scissors, colored gelatin, cardboards, various feathers we make a creature out of the children’s imagination and turn it into a shadow puppet in an hour.

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Cengiz Özek Karagöz Making Workshop with Traditional Method

How can one make a Karagöz figure? Are you curious about how a Karagöz puppet is made of leather?

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Workshop for shadow puppets for children Anna Karayorgi

In this workshop where basic geometric shapes are discussed, we will also discuss the concepts of transparent, translucent and opaque for children and play games with light.

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Movie Screenings25th International Istanbul Puppet Festival

Czechia “Špalíček” / “Czech Year”

“Czech Year” (“Spalicek”), the first film shot using the stop-motion technique by the world-famous Czech illustrator and filmmaker Jiří Trnka, is known as one of the best films made in this field in the world.

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Czechia “Fimfarum Jana Wericha”

A farmer who starts drinking and meets the devil; a young boy forced to spend the night in a haunted bar; A man who grows horns overnight…

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Turkey “The World of Karagöz”

“Karagöz’s World”, shot by Sabahhattin Eyüboğlu and Aziz Albek in 1972, is known as one of the most effective documentaries about Karagöz in our cinema, despite its short duration.

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Exhibitions25th International Istanbul Puppet Festival

Turkey “Karagöz Of Republic Exhibiton by Cengiz Özek”

Karagöz Figures, compiled from Cengiz Özek’s own collection and each made by Cengiz Özek, will be open to visitors in Feshane during the festival.

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